Isolation In The Yellow Wallpaper And Gravity

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Throughout the course of history, literature has always had an immense influence and direct association with people’s way of life. Due to the influence, as society’s principles and beliefs change, literature evolves as well. One of the most notable examples is society’s outlook on women. Although centuries of ideologies regarding women in society separate the narrative The Yellow Wallpaper from the film Gravity, both works use confining imagery and controlled isolation as a motivating element, but with opposite results for the female characters in each. In the narrative The Yellow Wallpaper, the controlled isolation leads the female character to detach from reality as a way to escape her entrapment to obtain total freedom. This short story was written during a time of adversity and discrimination as women …show more content…

“This wise man put me to bed and applied the rest cure, to which a still good physique responded so promptly that he concluded that there was nothing much the matter with me, and sent me home with solemn advice to live as domestic a life as possible” (Gilman Web). Through this we can clearly comprehend the type of relationship that her and her husband had. Not only is her husband advising her to rest as much as possible, but also limiting her to any sort of activity. According to Feminist Criticism, “It’s for her own good, has become an American feminist classic” (Lanser Web). This phrase directly links with the female character in the story for the reason that her husband is the one who is deciding how she will handle her supposed illness. Her incapability to stand for herself bodes the future that lies ahead of her. In The Yellow Wallpaper we can analyze how the role of women influenced the method of isolation presented throughout the story and how imagery played an immense role in her development. The type of seclusion the female character in the story encounters is one

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