Biblical Worldview Essay

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Christianity has the highest percentage of followers among all the world religions, but culture does not seem to be transformed by such a great number of people. It is, in fact, a person’s worldview that shapes society and not all Christians have a biblical worldview. The book The Transforming Vision by Brian J. Walsh and J. Richard Middleton discusses what a worldview means, what a biblical Christian worldview is, and the problem of dualism in society today. The goal of this book is to encourage Christians today to integrate their faith into every aspect of their lives.
A worldview is the way in which a person perceives ideas of the world, life, and all of its intricate relationships. Everyone has a worldview that affects the way they thinking,
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Whether people think of it consciously or not, they have an answer to these questions to some extent. The question “Who am I?” addresses the purpose of humans and how they came to be. Similarly, the question of “Where am I?” addresses the nature of this world and humanity’s relationship with it. The question “What is wrong?” addresses the fact that there are things in this world that are not right, whether it is something that prevents people from having fulfillment or a form of evil. Closely associated with this is the question “What is the remedy?” which is salvation or way to overcome the evil.…show more content…
For this is how the redemption of creation from the dominion of darkness to the kingdom of God occurs. From the beginning of Jesus’ ministry, he was proclaiming the kingdom of God. An instance is recorded in Luke of Jesus reading an Old Testament Messianic prophecy from Isaiah 61, which explains the nature of Jesus’ mission. Jesus fulfilled this prophecy in two manners: “the verbal proclamation of the good news of God’s kingdom plus the physical manifestation of the kingdom”. (79) Throughout his ministry, he preached the good news, gave sight to the blind, healed leprosy, restored hearing to the deaf, and raised the dead to
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