Jack Sticks: A Fictional Narrative

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“YOU HAVEN’T WHAT?” They heard Bitty screech from the kitchen. As the short, yet properly terrifying, southern boy stomped into the living room, Jack shrugged, “I haven’t seen High School Musical. What’s the big deal?” Shitty almost literally flung himself down the stairs, “What’s the big deal?!” He shouted, “High School Musical is a vital movie that every child should experience!” Bitty, face stone cold, said, “Yes. And we are watching it right now.” Jack frowned, “Do I have to?” The two yelled, “YES.” Bitty takes charge in dragging Jack to the couch, and even though Jack wasn’t fighting, Bitty more or less sat on him while staring angrily. “Really?” Jack looked down at Bitty, sprawled across him. Bitty reached up and grabbed …show more content…

It was ridiculous, obvious lip-syncing. He wanted to laugh, but his three best friends were looking intensly at the TV, leaning forward with completely serious expressions. Jack would rather be watching history documentaries. “Okay, but they were shy two minutes ago, and have they heard the song before? This shouldn’t work like this.” Jack commented. The only person who took notice of him was Shitty Knight, who painfully slowly turned his head to face Jack. With his eyes wide with something haunting, shook his head. Jack, suddenly startled, quieted and faced the TV. The scene changed and now they were at the school, East High, and clearly Troy was the most popular person in the school. Characters were being introduced left and right. Jack knew he wouldn’t remember any of the names, although every time a new character was shown, Bitty would say their name and point. They watched quietly for a while, until the next song played. They were in the court, playing basketball when suddenly they broke out in song. Once Troy started singing, so did Shitty. And when Shitty started singing, he also started dancing. He stood up, moved a bit away from the couch, and began, surprisingly accurately, mimicking the dances of the boys on

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