Jackie Robinson Biography Essay

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Jackie Robinson a versatile and talented baseball player was the first African American to play in the major leagues of baseball. Robinson won Rookie of the Year award in his first season with the Brooklyn Dodgers, that the first year of his six trips to National League championship. In 1949 Robinson won the league MVP award and was inducted to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1962. The reason why Robinson is a hero to people is because during this time in history African Americans were not welcomed they were not liked, Robinson faced insults and threats because of his race. Robinson had to handle the abusive words with grace and courage or else he would be kicked off the of the league. Robinson played more than baseball he made a way for the Civil Rights Movement. …show more content…

His manager Leo Durocher said “This guy didn’t just come to play. He come to beat ya.” Robinsons playing style was mixed with traditional elements of black sports, he was a risk taker, and very aggressive player. African Americans sportswriters, focused their attentions on Robinson and player African Americans who followed him. Robinsons success encouraged the integration of other professional sports such as basketball, football, and tennis, however the Negro Leagues depended on the opposite that being segregation, this began a nonreversible decline in losing reporters, spectators, and even the ball players themselves. During the first two years of playing for the Dodgers, Robinson experienced, abuse and national scrutiny. He received hate mail, was hit with beanballs, and even received death threats Robinson kept his word with Rickey as he didnt not fight back, he held his temper, and his frustrations instead of releasing them. The Civil Rights Movement would develop into a practice of

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