Essay On The Federalists

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James Madison, founding father and fourth president of United States wrote the federalists paper number 10 in favor of the constitution. He believes that constitution is the only way to keep balance and control any problem this country faces. He uses faction as an example and talks about how it can cause problems but most importantly how to deal with the problems. He defines faction as groups of people who came together to promote their own interests and opinions. He said that these groups take advantage of the public and violate their rights. Humankind are created in a way that they all have different opinions. They sometimes put their personal little differences aside and focus one one goal mostly not in favor of everyone. In Federalists …show more content…

If it happened, he or she would have some power but not have control over everything on his fingertips meaning that he could not do anything with the country. Madison was not defending the government but only looking for a way that whoever gets in office is best for this great nation. With one large party and one branch of government, it would be easier for candidate to get into office and later betray the people. It would prove difficult for tyranny leader to get into office with 3 separate branch government and two party system. The Constitution would be the only way balanced power. Three different branches all with different roles to play in this country. The legislative Branch to make laws and the Executive to enforce them, and then congress serving and representing the common people. He was really a genius because nobody in his time thought about how the government would play out in the next century. He was really convincing because if he wasn’t , we would most likely not be having this nation. Madison would want us to stop following parties blindly and have our own personal opinions in voting. People in 2017 tend to vote for candidate mostly because he or she is a republican or democrat. Following blindly will not result in any good outcome. He wanted balance in the government and well, there is balance now and a lot more. To me, he was a political

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