Federalist Paper Number 51 Summary

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In the Federalist Paper number 51, Madison writes to the people of New York to explain that it is necessary for a separation of powers between the departments of the government. Madison, with the help of Hamilton, wrote the Federalist Papers to explain sections of the Constitution. In Federalist Paper number 51, Madison explains that the government does not have a strong structure on the outside, but creating a firm structure within the government could be a solution. The firmer structure would be the separation of powers. In order for the people to get a better idea and make a more accurate judgement about the separation of powers, Madison shares observations and puts them into simpler terms.
Federalist Paper number 51 first explains that each department of the separated powers will have its own role and duty to carry out. As Madison goes on to explain, within the departments members should not intervene in the appointments of other members, because the people are to appoint members of the departments. Madison also explains that it can be easy to have the people in power to appoint these members, but this does not mean that difficulties are not existent. Some of the difficulties Madison mentions include qualifications that need to be met by those being …show more content…

As he explains in the paper, people are not perfect, so a government is needed. A government would not be necessary if people were perfect, but due to imperfection of people, control is needed inside and out of the government. Madison suggests that a separation of powers within the government is to keep watch on the other departments, and while this is occurring, no department has an equal amount of self-defense. Each department will have its own set of actions and will be appointed by different methods of election. Madison held that independent departments can seldom have connection to each other, while they do have a connection to the

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