James Whitman Why The Nazi's Loved America Summary

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“Why the Nazi’s Loved America” by James Whitman is an article highlighting what Nazism means to the U.S. and how in some ways Nazism was drawn from the American Model. Whitman uses facts and statistics (logos), emotion (pathos), and credibility (ethos) build his argument that the Nazi’s loved America. Whitman’s appeal to logic (logos) are his strongest arguments. Logos appeals to the readers’ common sense, beliefs or values. Whitman uses two kinds of proofs in order to persuade his audience. Firstly, whitman uses a proof known as Examples: “For example, X and Y demonstrate that Z happens.” Whitman implements this proof by first making the claim, “America led the world in race-based law making…(Whitman para. 3 ).” Whitman then supports this claim by providing an example of immigration legislation passed by congress. Whitman quotes Attorney General Jeff Sessions, “Congress passed immigration legislation designed to guarantee predominance of immigrants from northern Europe, largely shutting the door on Jews, Italians, Asians, and others. As Nazi commentators approvingly put it, this was law intended to keep out ‘undesirables.’ (Whitman para. 3).” Whitman effectively uses this proof, for when he uses the example that Congress passed immigration legislation to keep out “undesirables” he also uses another example by quoting Nazi commentators. All things considered, the immigration legislation and the approval of Nazi commentators demonstrates that the Nazi’s loved America.

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