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“Human nature is so well disposed towards those who are in interesting situations, that a young person, who either marries or dies, is sure of being kindly spoken of” Jane Austen. In Jane Austen Mansfield Park, readers are met with a young girl named Fanny Price who is forced to move into her aunt and uncles, the Bertram’s, estate due to her family's financial and social statues. Being throw in the house with these significant characters, Fanny is met with a lot of confusing feelings and situations where she often has to take charge and be sure of what she wants from herself. Fanny proves that she is composed and steady in who she is, she signifies a strong female character that is shy and serious but still illustrates Austen's view on what …show more content…

The role of a women started to change, as well as the role of the daughter further resulting in the importance of marrying young and soon in order to achieve honorable social and wealthy class. Moreover, in the late 1800, women's rights started to manifest and transform, again leading to the empowerment of female characters and the portrayal of feelings transforming behavior. In another one of Jane's Austen's novels, Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth Bennet is a prime example of the change in the depiction of what a women stands for. Jane Austen had a grasp on what the world around her was like and was not afraid to illustrated that through her characters. Fanny states, "I think it ought not to be set down as certain that a man must be acceptable to every woman he may happen to like himself" (Austen 35). This is a prime example of how Austen feeds her opinion on issues of the era though different characters and how each represent a different oddity while also presents a strong opinion on how men should not be presumptuous and …show more content…

Despite this, gender roles were nowhere near equal, men often referring to women as objects and even considered lesser than them. Readers see a lot of this when bearing in mind the female characters main goal involves evaluating the male characters for eventual partners. In Mansfield Park, this are what the female characters were raised to do, this was the pattern of the society. however, a lot of the time men were the overseer of what went on in the household as well as who the daughters were to marry. This is apparent in Austen novels because she was aware of these roles and portrayed this in mansfield park when Maria gets the worse end of her destructive relationship with Henry. To clarify, “...the public punishment of a disgrace, should in a just measure attend his share of the offence, is, we know, not one of the barriers which society gives to virtue. In this world the penalty is less equal than could be wished” (Austen 48). This is a clear representation of the gender inequality in the whole novel as well as much of Austen's other novels. Fanny many struggles repeatedly include her being reminded her place by her uncle Sir Thomas and her aunt Mrs. Norris. She has came into Sir Thomas home emphatically and oftentimes is off putted on what she can cannot do, if she even speaks out or makes a mistake Mrs. Norris will remind her of “her place”. Women at this time

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