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Should Jane be taken my child custody? Jane is a very good kid and for now she has adopted good qualities by her mom and her dad. But now its different, she needs help to stay in the right lane, she’s in an age where a lot of things could influence her, and could be easily manipulated. We will analyze both the behaviour of the mother and the father and take make a conclusion about how she acts and how have they affected Jane’s way of thinking. And at least we will determine the most likely future for Jane.

Why shouldn’t we care less about the mother’s behaviour? Her mother is obviously affecting Jane; she quotes many things that her mother says, such as: “mindless garbage” (Warren, 16), “Get that woman a cheese steak!” (Warren 17), and some more, these might appear arrogant and jealous. But who cares if Jane’s mother is like that? Now Jane knows how to be selective while buying books and maybe in her daily lifestyle, and that you shouldn’t be “thin enough to be a ballerina” (Warren 16 – 17) and worry about her figure, (at least at her young age). That being said, the mother can act whoever she wants but, as long as she gives a good example and becomes a positive influence onto Jane’s life, there’s nothing wrong with it.

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But we have also seen that she is a strong, intelligent, and mature girl; she has the potential to go trough some tough obstacles. This doesn’t mean she wont have any problems with their parents divorce, but as long as she stops seeing bad examples that his father giver him; and making her understand what’s going on, she should grow to be a great woman. She should be taken by child support but she also should be seeing his dad anymore. Maybe his mother isn’t the right example too but, she has made Jane more mature while the father is treating her as if she doesn’t need any attention when the kids of that age, it’s the most that they

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