Jason Pierre Paul Biography

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“However many snaps I play for, when I’m on the field I go 120 percent.” This quotation describes how much Jason Pierre Paul loves football and how committed he is to playing football. He plays very hard every time he steps on to the field and doesn’t let an obstacle stop him. Jason Pierre Paul inspired many people, used striving for accuracy to innovate ways to overcome his hand injuries, and influenced people to persevere.


Jason Pierre Paul is an outside linebacker (OLB). He was one of the best outside linebackers in the league, and the quarterbacks were always scared of him. He was the New York Giants first-round pick in 2009 and he has been playing for them since. Over the off season after his 2014 season, he was in South Florida celebrating the fourth of July. While he was celebrating he tried setting off fireworks, but they blew up and his hand was severely injured (Kratch, 2015). He suffered burns on his palm and 3 of his fingers, nerve damage in one finger, fractured many bones in his left hand, and had to amputate his index finger (Fitzgerald, 2015). A lot of people thought he would never return to the NFL and when he announced he would …show more content…

During his journey to the NFL Jason Pierre Paul used many habits of mind to help him get through his problems. He used persisting because he could have easily given up and retired, but he didn’t. He also used the habit of mind striving for accuracy because he had to try a lot harder as a result of his hand impediments. He also faced the problem that while he played his hand was in a very large glove to protect it so he couldn’t grab or grip anything with it. He uses the habits of mind thinking flexibly and creating, imagining, and innovating to find new ways to tackle with only one normal hand. He worked very hard and all the time to get back to his full potential because football is what he loves (Source

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