Jfk Inaugural Speech Analysis

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Compare how the speakers (JFK and Tim Collins) shape their language to create a sense of voice The inaugural speech, presented by John F. Kennedy, and the ‘Eve of battle’ speech, presented by Tim Collins, can both be analysed for the similarities and also differences, comparing how the speakers shape their language specifically to create a sense of voice. The instantly recognisable difference between the two texts is the genre. The speech by John F. Kennedy (JFK) is his inaugural address. This is a speech given during the presidential ceremony which informs the people of his intentions as a leader. The alternative speech, ‘The Eve of battle speech’ is a motivational and informative speech given my Tim Collins to his troops before they invaded Iraq. The genre of these texts are completely diverse which brings with it the difference in language and other literary features. Firstly, …show more content…

The inaugural speech was the first televised inaugural address and JFK was aware of this prior to the speech. This means that the speech would be available to be seen by his primary audience, the people who arrived at the ceremony, but also to the secondary audience which would be the rest of America and also the rest of the world as they were able to tune into the channel to watch the speech. The literally features and some of the context were therefore altered by JFK as he was aware that anyone could be watching his speech. However, the primary audience of Tim Collins ‘Eve of battle’ speech was his troops and the secondary audience was the rest of the world. Despite this, the two texts vary as Tim Collins was only aware of his primary audience as while he was delievering his speech it was being taken down shorthand by a reporter. This means that Tim Collins would not have taken any of his speech features into consideration to address the world, he would have only addressed his

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