Jim Conley Case

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In April 26, 1913 a young girl named Mary Phagan was found sexually molested and murdered in the basement at the pencil factory in Atlanta Georgia ,where she worked. Evidence was found near the girl which at first led the crime to be pinned on Newt lee, the night watchman at the factory, but the police quickly came to notice that it was a bad attempt by Jim Conley to cover up his own involvement. Jim Conley was the factories janitor, a black man and a will known drunk. Jim Conley then tried to pin the blame on Leo frank ,the Jewish owner of the factory. Without much evidence and the absurdity of Conley’s claims the police took hold to Conley’s statement.

The murder of Mary Phagan brought issues of class, race and religion to the forefront …show more content…

Frank was found guilty on August 25th 1913. This child took a long time in several rolls of of the defense and the prosecutor hammering away at each other. Over three days and 16 hours the defense hammered away at Conley and and was able to get calmly to admit he lied several times to investigators and demonstrate that he has poor memory, except specific events about the prosecutor. At the closing arguments Frank Hooper( on the prosecutor side) called Frank Dr. Jekyll who “when the shades of night come through the side his mask of respectability and he is transferred to Mr. Hyde.” Hooper took advantage of the regions racial stereotyping by stating “you know these Negroes” in suggesting that Jim calling writing the notes Byam self is absurd. Defense attorney Ruben Arnold argued that if Frank wasn’t a Jew he would it have been prosecuted at all, claiming that Frank was a victim of rapid anti-semitism. As trial continued Hugh Dorsey for the state of Georgia had cues defense attorneys of appealing to Rachel pre-justice to the salvage of losing a case. The jury deliberated less than two hours when asked by Judge Rowan if they had reached a verdict, Fred wilburn replied “we have your honor, we have found the defendant guilty.”

This is not the end of Leo frank's trial, New evidence came into play when difference found out that there had been pre-trial by us in …show more content…

A mob of 25 men from Marietta stormed into prison farm in Milledgeville, some of the people included to wear to formal judges and ex sheriff. They captured and Handcuffed the prison superintendent and overpowered the two guards on duty. They then seized to Frank cell and Drove for several hours into the night. To make sure that the mobs plan was not interrupted say cut every telephone wire in milledgeville. Leo frank still proclaiming his in innocence throughout the whole kidnapping. Word came out that Leo Frank had been kidnapped from the prison and sheriffs were to remain watch for automobiles. Nevertheless the mob got away with Leo Frank and lynched an innocent man. The news came to Marietta been with people arrive you wearing’s body was still warm and was purple due to death of strangulation. After the lynching of Leo frank 33 members of the group called themselves the knights of Mary Phagan, They gathered on the top of a mountain near Atlanta and formed the new KKK of Georgia. Meanwhile the Jewish communities met to create The anti-defamation league to combat the anti-Semitism. French true religion who found the photo juice throughout the country both in the south and the north. In 1986 the state of Georgia finally pardoned frank the state said it was pardoning him because it failed to protect him from being lynched and because they never prosecuted his

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