Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration In The Age Of Color Blindness By Michelle Alexander

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The book that I will be reviewing is called The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Color Blindness by Michelle Alexander. This text was first copyrighted in 2010. The New Jim Crow can be purchased from all major book retail stores as well as popular websites such as Amazon for varying prices between $10-$15. It is possible to purchase this book for cheaper prices if the eBook is available. The ISBN number for this book is 978-59558-643-8. This book discusses social issues such as Mass Incarceration within our society. Michelle Alexander is very qualified to discuss the controversial topics that are mentioned within the text. Alexander is a civil rights lawyer, a legal scholar and advocate. She has held many positions in higher …show more content…

It provides you with plenty of new information regarding our justice system. Alexander uses information and statistics to support her arguments throughout the text. I agree with all the points that Michelle Alexander was making throughout the printed work. After reading this book, I have been more knowledgeable of the many challenges that past offenders have when returning to the community after being incarcerated. This book forces readers to address racial issues that we all see and hear about, but do not like to like to discuss. Michelle Alexander explains how our society uses Mass Incarceration to control those in the African American community starting with the War on Drugs. She discusses how slavery and Jim crow were used to control the African American community, and when those ideas became stale government officials were searching for a new way to control the community. Thus, Mass Incarceration became the new caste system. This book has opened my eyes in various aspects. I have a better understand of the justice system after reading this book that I have had from watching the news and other media outlets. Without reading this book, I would not have been aware of the impact that the War on Drugs had on African

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