Jim Jones Crimes

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When you have a dictatorship power and people look to you as a God you respect them, if people tried to leave or take that power away or from you the first thought shouldn’t be to kill them by poison them with potassium cyanide. When someone treats you wrong you just leave them, you don’t give them enough arsenic poison to kill them for not doing what you read in love stories. Jim Jones committed a mass murder by potassium cyanide poisoning while Nannie Doss created a series of murders along her years by arsenic poisoning. In this research paper we get to look back on Jim Jones and Nannie Doss’s earlier childhood, what actually made them notorious, and how their crime spree ended.
James Warren Jones also known as Jim Jones was born in Crete, …show more content…

Jim started using pharmaceutical drugs so when Marceline and he had a son name Stephen he had no respect for his father because of his drug use. Jim and Marceline went on to adopted several children most from a non Caucasian background which led to call him and his family the “Rainbow Family”. Jim started his ministry in 1952 called the Somerset Methodist Church which was a predominantly white church and later on naming them Wings of Deliverance and then renamed it to the Peoples Temple which consisted of a mixed race church. Jim Jones had bought land in Guyana in 1974 for his family and his disciples which consisted of 1,000 people altogether. He named the land Jonestown which he ran like a prison to all the Guyanese natives and his disciples. He took away everything that can help them leave him which was passports, gave them little to no food, read their letters so there showed no signs of mistreatment in them, and had armed guards everywhere on the perimeter. Jim was always paranoid so if believed that you were plotting against him he will give them a cup of kool-aid which they were told had poison in it

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