Jim Jones Definition Of Evil

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Introduction Many psychologists and researchers have for many years tried to explain what makes normal human beings become evil and become perpetrators of evil. The study of a normal human being becoming a perpetrator of evil has almost become it’s own branch of psychology. There are many examples of evil actions in this world, which has led to a lot of research of the human mind; where evil is born. Hitler, Anders Breivik, and Jim Jones are just a few examples of the many evil human minds we have seen in this world. All people, who were thought to hold the same mindset as everyone else. The big question is, what creates these evil people, and what gives them such an evil mindset? By focusing on the mind of Jim Jones, this paper will attempt to answer that big question, and more specifically ‘according to Phillip Zimbardo’s definition of evil, to what extent did Jim Jones become evil as opposed to being born evil?’ In 1978, Jim Jones created what was the most deadly non-natural disaster in U.S history, until the attack on the twin towers on September 11, 2001. Jones was responsible for the death of 918 people, including 276 children. By promising utopia and a better life, he gained hundreds of followers, which led to the creation of ‘The People’s Temple’. Growing up, Jones didn’t receive much attention from his parents, which left Jones mostly to himself. His dad had very little interest in him, and his mother was very busy working two jobs. Jones therefore grew up mostly

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