Jing-Mei And Her Mother In Two Kinds By Amy Tan

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The short story of “Two Kinds” by Amy Tan exemplifies the relationship between a Chinese-American girl, Jing-Mei, and her mother. Before emigrating from China to America, Jing-Mei’s mother lost everything from her whole family to her home. She believed that in America, that anyone could pursue their dreams to become whatever they want and do whatever they want to do. The Mother wanted Jing-Mei to become a prodigy. First, she wanted Jing-Mei to become a famous actress like Shirley Temple, and she constantly made sure that her daughter was either studying her films or mimicking her performances. After that failed, the Mother suggested that Jing-Mei work towards developing into a skilled pianist. She bought her a piano and hired Mr. Chong, an old deaf piano teacher, to help her learn it. Jing-Mei understood how to play multiple songs after about a year of piano lessons, and her mother entered her into a talent show. At the talent show, Jing-Mei miserably failed. The next day, Jing-Mei and her mother get into a big argument where Jing-Mei declares, “I wish I weren’t your daughter…I wish I were dead! Like them,” referring to the two daughters that her mother lost prior to coming to America. Decades later, Jing-Mei finally realizes that even though she never met her…show more content…
The Mother wants Jing-Mei to succeed and the mother will take all of the necessary steps for her to achieve that. Similarly, I also strive to achieve as much as I can by working to the fullest of my abilities. Since I hold myself to high standards, it makes it hard for me to keep up with all that I’m asking from myself, let alone what others expect from me. However, unlike Jing-Mei’s mother, I become very disappointed in myself when I fail or accomplish something that was lower than my expectations. In most aspects of my life, I put forth my utmost efforts into reaching the goals that I have set for

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