Sebastian Bach Biography

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Johann Sebastian Bach is a well-known musician, mainly known as one of the greatest composers of all time. He wrote a variety of genres of music, such as organ music, vocal church music, and also keyboard, instrumental and orchestral music. He played many instruments, such as, the harpsichord, organ, and violin. Bach was also a vocalist as a young child. Ironically, Bach was alive during the extremely popular musical genre of opera; however, he never wrote any operas. He also, in his time, was not a very famous man. He was only really known by his family, friends, and employers. Bach was born in Izenouph, Germany, on March 21st, 1685. He was born into an exceptionally talented musical family. His father played the trumpet and violin; he had uncles who performed and/or composed music as well. Bach was one of eight children, two girls and six boys, one of which he had to live with due to the passing of his parents when he was young. He moved with his eldest …show more content…

In Leipzig, Bach became one of the biggest composers that everyone knew about. He also taught at a school, where he had many different responsibilities that kept him extremely busy. At this time, Bach became very religious and mostly composed religious choral music. Sebastian Bach passed away at the age of sixty-five from a stroke in 1750. After Bach passed is when he really started to get recognized for his works. Bach was more than a music composer, he also wrote books. Of course they were about music though; books of keyboard and organ pieces is what Bach wrote before he passed. Johann Sebastian Bach spent his entire life surrounded by music, something he loves. Toccata and Fugue in D Minor was one of the most famous pieces that Johann Sebastian Bach has written. The name of the piece will not ring a bell to most people; however, if it were listened to, almost anyone would recognize the art of Johann Sebastian

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