How Did John Deere Affect The Westward Expansion

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There were many changes brought about during the the time of the Westward Expansion in the United States of America. One of those changes is with the invention of the steel plow. The steel plow was one of the most revolutionary invention in the era of the Westward Expansion. This wouldn’t have been possible though with out John Deere. John Deere and the invention of the steel plow has brought a big positive impact during the time of the Westward Expansion and still today. John Deere was born on February seventh 1804 in Rutland, Vermont United States. He was the third child of his parents William and Sarah Deere. He attended school at Rutland and got an average education for his time. At the age of 17 he began an apprenticeship with a blacksmith …show more content…

But 2 years later he married Lucinda Lamb, Damaris Lamb younger sister. In 1868 he incorporated the John Deere Company and became the president of it. After the incorporated the John Deere Company the company continued to grow. But in 1886 John Deere died. This left his son incharge of the company as it continued to grow.
The John Deere Company was a huge success and still lives on today. It has expanded its expertise in to not only farming equipment but lawn management, construction, and forestry equipment too. The John Deere company was also helped out in the Great Depression. It was known for its generosity. In the Great Depression it was known for relieving debts of farmers and giving them money to keep their farms going.
John Deere had a huge impact on the time of the WestWard Expansion. The invention of the steel plow came with almost no draw backs with it. It was an amazing invention which was the spark of an agricultural boom in America. It allowed for easier plowing of ground. There where many positives to the steel plow. But there where a few negatives to it as well. The production of the steel plow caused greenhouse gases to go into the atmosphere. The bending and molding of steel requires heat which was made by fires which creates a greenhouse gas. It did however give the economy a small boost. Although the production of steel plows wasn’t big on the grand scale it did create several jobs and helped the economy because of the demand for steel for the

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