John Deere Influence On American Farming

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John Deere, like many others, revolutionized farming in many respects. In 1837, Deere created the very first steel plow when the Middle-West was being settled. Deere realized that the soil was different than that of the East and noticed that wood plows would continuously break. While experimenting in his shed, he made his first plow out of an old saw blade, testing it on different types of soil. This innovation furthered the advancements of agricultural technology, leading to the faster production of crops. Deere revolutionized the way farming is handled with the production of the steel plow. He changed the way famers worked in the field with the use of machinery, allowing farmers to produce more crops, while creating new farming techniques …show more content…

Since farming has been around since the very beginning, agricultural tools have been used to farm the land as needed. Many have thought that the plow has been used BC. These plows were simple sticks that had been used to dig up dirt, which later began the innovation of the plow. Man no longer worries about agricultural difficulties, rather worrying about technological advancements. Because the geography is different around America, the need for agricultural technology must come in many forms due to the diverse land and techniques of farming. With the creation of the steel plow, farmers of America have been able to produce crops more effortlessly compared to the times when they would use oxen and even horses to pull wooden plows. The steel plow allowed farmers too efficiently and effectively break up tough soil without soil constantly getting stuck the plow itself. Because the new plow can withstand the tough soil and not break, farmers began to plant crops faster than before. Just like Eli Whitney’s cotton gin, Deere’s plow was one of the first innovations to help increase production time. “I cut the teeth off the mill-saw with a hand-chisel. I cut a pattern out of paper for the moldboard and share. I laid the pattern on the saw and cut out around it with a hand chisel, with the help of a striker and a sledge… In this fashion, I succeeded in constructing a …show more content…

The tractor will then become the most common and known product of the company, which opens the door for many products that will revolutionize farming even further. In 1923, after experimenting for a couple years, the Deere Company launches the Model "D”. It was a success from the start and was the first two-cylinder Waterloo-built tractor to bear the John Deere name, it also would stay in the product line for the following 30 years. 4 years later, the company then produces a small combine called the John Deere No. 2. A year later, they remake the No. 2, calling it the John Deere No. 1, which is an even smaller and more popular machine. By 1929, both No.1 and No.2 are replaced by lighter-weight machines. The Model "A" Tractor enters production and a similar but smaller Model "B" follows in 1935. They become the most popular tractors in the company's history, remaining in the product line until 1952 (Mechanics). The John Deere model B was introduced as a smaller tractor to the model A. These two tractors allowed farmers to easily plow rows when farming, causing the production time to increase while still maintaining the proper land. The company continues to grow even more by going global. The company later expands around the world, landing in places such as Mexico, Spain, France, and even South Africa. In 1958, John Deere begins a

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