How Did Mcormick Build The Mechanical Reaper

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Cyrus Hall Mcormick changed the grain harvesting world when he perfected his invention of the reaping machine. Cyrus Mcormick invented the mechanical reaper in 1831 but continued to perfect it up until 1834 when he got a paten on the machine. The first mechanical reaper was pulled by horses so his invention was a huge step forward. Mcormick’s reaper allowed farmers to harvest up to 10 acres a day, which is a huge upgrade compared to before when farmers could only harvest only two-three acres a day.
Mcormick’s father was a huge inspiration to him. He watched his father continually attempt to make a mechanical reaper but he always failed. Cyrus’s dad, Robert, was the type of guy that didn’t want to just sit around and do nothing he would rather …show more content…

He managed to have good luck and sold many reapers. The sales in Virgina weren’t enough for Mcormick, though. He made the deicision to start selling to places all over the country. The machine was such an upgrade compared to what farmers were used to that the sales were booming like crazy. It was so much more effiencent and helped farmers expand by producing more grain therefore increasing thier income. Although they had problems at first trying to figure out how to get the reaper to there coustomers because of how delicate the reaper it’s self was. Since the reaper was so hard to transport down the road cause of how fragile it is, McCormick decited to build a factory closer to his coustomers he felt. Another issue farmers ran into when they were wanting to purchase one of his reapers was they didn’t have enough money to pay for it on hand. McCormick came up with a plan quick to help his coustomers which would bennifit his business for the best. The installment plan was put in as a resolution to help farmers have enough money to be able to pay for one of these reapers up …show more content…

He moved his operations to Chicago with hopes to sell more of his reapers. He became famous across the world after he attended a show with his invention in London. The Chicago newspapers reported that Cyrus Mcormick’s company was the largest factory in the world. His luck contiued as his sales also continued to boom. It also helped that Chicago became a major railroad center. But in 1871 that all changed when a fire destroyed his factory and many other building around his factory. Mcormick by then had made enough money he could of walked away from his businees and gave up on it since he had nothing left but with the decision of him and his wife they decided they wanted to start rebuilding. After Mcormick’s death his son decided to join with four other companys to make what today it is known as International Harvester Company. Today the company is the biggest farm equipment manufacture in the world (clark pg

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