John Locke Physician Assisted Suicide

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John Locke, English philosopher, stated life, liberty, and property are “inalienable” natural God-given rights to every American citizen which could never be taken away or given away. Life (most basic law of nature is the preservation of mankind), Liberty (individuals should be free to make choices about how to conduct their own lives as long as they do not interfere with the liberty of others), and Property (more than land and goods, Locke also referred to “property” as ownership of one’s self, including the right to personal well-being). The American Government has overstepped their boundaries and the freedom of choice they tout about by intruding on terminally ill patients’ decision to seek physician assisted suicide to voluntarily end their …show more content…

Jack Kevorkian was a compassionate doctor who believed in his patients’ rights to choose physician assisted suicide and some say he was hero while others called him a monster or Dr. Death. He assisted 130 terminally ill patients to voluntarily end their own lives with dignity, peace, and at their own time to avoid severe pain, humiliation, and added stress to the patients’ family members. He believed it was the patients’ choice to end their life on their own terms without the government or insurance companies intruding, or a physician’s “keep a patient alive at all costs” mentality. “Lethal injection is now the main method of execution in all but two states due to our desire for the worst of the worst to die in a dignified manner, yet we want the terminally ill to endure suffering, pain, humiliation, and the erosion of their estate without giving them an opportunity to choose the time and method of their death?” Dr. Kevorkian believed a great start for Congress to enact a law providing any terminally ill patient the ability to seek a humane, dignified death by lethal injection. A law of this nature only helps, it doesn’t hurt. If a terminally ill patient decides to terminate their life, how does that hurt

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