John Locke: Political Philosopher

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John locke is considered one of the most important of all philosophers and political theorist. John locke was born in August 29,1632 in Somerset England.He had inherited his name from his his father John E Locke.His father was a country lawyer.He grew up will both of his parents as puritans.In his youth and was sent to the Westminster School in 1647.He soon entered Christ Church, Oxford during his time in colledge.Some of themany subjects that were tought at this school were logic, metaphysics, and the classical languages all of wich John locke studied in. John locke was soon part of the English Royal Society after completing his years in college and assistance by mentors.Many years later he chose to drop his career and study medicine.He read and studied with the physicians Robert Boyle and Thomas Sydenham.Sydenham, the major physician of that time had helped Locke to secured his election to Fellow of the Royal Society in 1668. …show more content…

In 1674 Locke returned to Oxford and earned his B.A. in medicine. He then traveled to France there he formed the basis of one of his most important works, Essay on Human Understanding. While in locke 's friend France Shaftesbury was imprisoned.Despite his imprisonment he worked with others in Parliament to pass the Exclusion Bill. Locke fled to Holland in 1683 because of his suspected role in the conspiracy of Rye House Plot to assassinate Charles II and the Duke of York.It is susected that locke was not involved,but was still exiled under false

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