John Newton's Child Slavery

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The song briefly captures the remorse John Newton felt for his role in the slave trade. John Newton was a former slave ship captain. After his conversion to Catholicism, he realized the injustice that slavery was and joined the abolitionist movement. His internal thoughts are reflected in the song. Newton felt that it was “Amazing Grace” that saved him. He felt that he “was blind, but now, I see”. He expresses that it was religion and God that truly saved his soul.
The song itself does not focus on the slave trade and all its atrocities but rather the realization that John Newton came to about slavery. Therefore, the song could be used to show the miraculous realization that Newton came too. It can be used to show that people are able to
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According to the Walk Free Foundation, Haiti is ranked second in in the top 25 countries where slavery still exists. The estimated number of slaves in Haiti is estimated between 200,000 and 220,000. A large amount of those slaves are children. Child slavery is a huge problem in Haiti. One of the main reasons that children become slaves is due to the “restavek” system. The word originates from Creole meaning “stay with”. Many poor mothers hand their children over to rich families believing that their children will receive food on the table and an education in exchange for doing a few chores around the house. Despite these promises, the rich host families rarely go through and the children end up not going to school and doing chores all day. Human traffickers take advantage of this cruel system. They pose as rich families and take the children and force them to be slaves. Haiti decided to take action in 2014 by enacting a law that imprisons human traffickers for up to 15 years. Since the law has been enacted, no human traffickers have be charged. Today, the more successful and productive efforts are a result of organizations across the world fighting against human trafficking. According to the 2014 Global Slavery Index, over 14 million adults and children are caught in the cruel practice of slavery. The way that most people are forced in to slavery in India starts with debt. When an individual of a family falls into debt they are often forced to repay their debt with physical labor. The other family members including children are also forced to join the debt. Due to corruption, the family gets subjected to endless labor throughout the rest of their lives. The country of India has taken preventative measures such as banning debt bondage. However, the people of India are uninformed of the rights they have and often live in slavery for their entire life. Other organizations such as Community
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