John Proctor's Influence In The Crucible

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There are many characters throughout many of the world’s literary works, who will lie no matter what the outcome is. Author Miller was one of the many authors that wrote about characters that lied throughout the play “The Crucible”. The play depicted the events that happened during the infamous “Witch Trials” that occurred in Salem, Massachusetts. In Arthur
Miller’s play, “The Crucible”, Miller conveyed an important idea that although it’s hard, standing up for what you believe in can give you a positive influence in life. Because of the fact that it is sometimes hard to stand for your beliefs, John Proctor first hesitated in what he should do at the end of act IV even though standing for his beliefs can ultimately decide if he lives or
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Even if John has broken one of the Ten Commandments, God will forgive those who he believes he should forgive, and it would be hard if John did not forgive himself

Sedgley 2 first. However, even though Elizabeth has forgiven John, and she does “not judge” he still believes that he is a sinner regardless of Elizabeth’s forgiveness (Miller 167). In act IV, Judge
Danforth is convinced that if he receives the confession of John Proctor, he will receive the signatures of many others whom the townspeople believe that are witches. If John were to refuse that he was a witch even though he isn’t one, than he would be hung for being guilty. In act IV,
John first hesitates to sign the paper that offers him to live a longer life because if he does sign the paper he would be committing another sin. Even though John chose to sign the paper, he decides that he was lying when he wrote his name upon the paper that was to be posted upon the door of the church; he realized that if it was posted it would mean he was carrying out on the sin.
John then decides he will cause sin no more by tearing up the paper and standing up for what he believes in even if it ultimately leads to his death. Furthermore, another character that stands

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