The Similarities Between John Proctor And The Crucible

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In the dying girl that no one helped a young woman was murdered while at least 38 people sat and watched. After that people started to share reasons why people didn't want to get involved or questioned about the incident. This incident happened in the 1960s in New York. In the crucible there are a couple of girls dancing in the woods so they could perform a ritual so they could get the guys of their dreams. They lived in Salem where everyone thought they were performing witchcraft. There was a girl named Abigail who was also one of the girls dancing in the woods who had an affair with John proctor. John Proctor was a man who also had a wife who he was cheating on her with Abigail, later in the story he ended up getting hung. In both stories …show more content…

It happened in salem in 1953. It involved a act of witchcraft and there were 19 deaths in total. The crucible was acted out in a play, The people in the play were hung And in the dying girl that no one helped there was only one death. This death happened in New york in 1964 at night. There were 38 witness who didn't speak out and helped. The women in the story died by being stabbed many times. The conclusion of these stories is the girls have been mentally controlled by abigail to act like they have been caught by the devil so they could get john proctor in trouble. They want to save themselves from getting in trouble and since john is a goody man he has had his bad stuff catch up to him like the affair he had with abigail. The end result was him lying was him getting hung. The conclusion to the dying girl that nobody helped was something bad happened to an innocent girl. The situation could have been stopped because there were people watching the whole time. Also Every so called good person in this story had some history that was bad. Each story had something bad happen to someone good. Everything in life is not always going to be right even though it's not

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