John Stuart Mill's Utilitarianism Is A Valid System

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Validity of a system is understood by fact. This can be best demonstrated through a mathematical example. If a math teacher and I are discussing an equation or a problem and they discern that the best way to solve this equation or problem is through a unfactual means of solving the problem, then they are wrong. Facts are what validate something and so John Stuart Mill uses facts to prove that Utilitarianism is a valid system. However, every idea will have a hole in it’s explanation and there are arguments in philosophy that can call for “what if” cases but in general Mill proves this validity in a simplistic manner. John Stuart Mill says that happiness is what we all strive for and because of this then that must mean Utilitarianism is true. …show more content…

Mill explains that Utilitarianism is a valid system by explaining that since happiness is the goal and the ends, in which, that is what we strive for, then since we desire the happiness it must mean that it's certain to be true. In other words, since we all want happiness and Utilitarianism is the philosophy on why we strive for happiness then that must mean that Utilitarianism is true. “No reason can be given why the general happiness is desirable, except that each person, so far as he believes it to be attainable, desires his own happiness.” (Page 35) One of the main principles of Utilitarianism is to avoid pain and pursue pleasure but how do you do that? Through trying to become happy. No matter who you are, everyone with human nature seeks out happiness by avoiding pain and pursuing pleasure and that everyone embraces this principle throughout their daily lives. No one lives to get dealt pain, instead they strive for pleasure. They work so they can eat, they take showers so they can feel good, they listen to music because it makes them happy, and etc. Pursuing pain is against human reason according to Mill and does not serve a

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