Summary Of Amari's Copper Sun

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This historical fiction novel, Copper Sun, describes the epic story of a young girl, Amari, who experiences a journey she would not anticipate. Torn from her family in her African village, she would be sent to the African coast, where a giant ship waited for her arrival From there, Amari sailed as prisoner across the sea, enduring hardships from the pale-faced strangers. After the journey, she is sold into slavery and stripped of everything she has ever known, except hope. The novel first begins by introducing Amari, a young woman surrounded by her Ewe people in small village located in the African country of Ghana. She loves her people, especially the ones very close to her, such as her family and soon-to-be-husband, Besa. One day, a group…show more content…
Hoskins begins to take the group into town for the auction, only to set them free midway, due to his dislike for slavery. With advice from Cato, an experienced slave at the plantation, they begin to travel south in hopes that their seekers will head north. They are given food and water for their travels, but they soon devour all of what they were given during their expedition. With the journey taking weeks, they face starvation, physical exhaustion, running into Clay, and the fear of being turned in by the community. Finally, they arrive to their destination known as Fort Mose, a Spanish territory in the far south, where they are given immediate protection and security. Amari and Polly both are able to contribute skills in their new civilization, and Amari has agreed to be Tidbit’s new mother… Within the book Copper Sun, significant people are presented throughout the book, along with their characteristics. The first is our main character Amari, a caring, independent slave who uses bravery and hope throughout her journey. Polly, a rude, yet considerate character, and Tidbit, a very curious and funny version of Kwasi, also play an important role throughout the novel. Some characters that “stick out” are Mrs. Derby and Afi, due to their motherly characteristics and their
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