Copper Sun Character Analysis

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Amari experienced a lot of change throughout her journey in slavery. She became more confident and had more hope in herself. Also Afi, a former slave she befriended on the Middle Passage taught Amari to have hope and to not give up.In the book, Copper Sun, the author shows plenty examples of having hope in impossible situations. Amari was a strong girl who showed she had hope throughout the entire book, even in the toughest situations.Amari was a 15-year-old girl who was soon to be married to Besa, a strong young man. All that changed when their village was attacked.The village was celebrating the welcoming of the strangers, the strangers shot the elderly and the children. Amari's parents and her brother, Kwasi, had died that tragic …show more content…

"You know, certain people are chosen to survive. I don't know why but you are one of those who must remember the past and tell those yet unborn. You must live."- Afi (Draper 37). Afi tells Amari she needs to live through this and everything will be better. Amari has to tell her story to the generations unborn. She has to keep her story alive, she has to have hope that she will live. "Find beauty wherever you can, child, it will keep you alive." -Afi (Draper 64). Afi had been sold into slavery many times before. She knew what Amari had to overcome. Afi told Amari to find beauty in everything because for Amari the world was going to become uglier every day. If Amari found something beautiful she would look forward to looking for it, and have something to wake up to every morning. Teenie played as a great role model after Afi left, Teenie showed Amari how to keep hope on Derbyshire Farms.Teenie mothered a boy Tidbit, his real name was Timothy. Teenie was the cook for Mr. Derby. Teenie was taken away from her mother, just like Amari. Teenie took the role of someone really important after Amari was sold. Since Afi was no longer with Amari, Amari looked up to Teenie. Teenie kept Amari alive at the Derbyshire Plantations.

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