Mitch Albom's Eulogy

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One of the most common fears among individuals is the fear of dying. But what is it that makes us so fearful? Above all, people worry they will not be remembered by those who they leave behind. However, they not only worry that their memories will be lost over time, but that their beliefs and traditions will be forgotten as well. Throughout their lives, individuals tend to act a certain way to ensure their morals will be carried on, even when they are gone. In order for their morals to be carried on, they have to have faith in the people that they share their life with. The Reb, in Mitch Albom’s have a little faith, told his daughter to “’[r]emember the memories’” so that his beliefs and teachings would not be forgotten even when he is long…show more content…
Albom wonders, “Who does a eulogy for the man who des eulogies?” (Albom 8). As a result of his frequent considerations on this topic, the Reb remarks, “If you could pack for heaven, this was how you’d do it, touching everything, taking nothing” (Albom 210). The Reb understands that this life is temporary and that what he does here, he will eventually have to leave behind. With this realization comes the yearning to impact all of the lives that he can while he is here. Instead of selfishly wanting to experience all of the world that he can, the Reb is content to make an impact on the lives of those he encounters while he is still here. For example, Mitch may have just forgotten about his old rabbi and his faith if the Reb had not asked Mitch to do his eulogy. The Reb decided to invest in Mitch and trust him to carry on his memory, especially by doing his eulogy. He must have had a lot of faith in Mitch to trust him in this way. This could have also been the Reb’s way of “touching everything”; he takes chances on people whenever her can in hopes of them remembering him and his…show more content…
He also ad defend someone that no one else would stand up for, except that that person, in this case, was God. Similar to DeLaughter’s situation, there may have been other people that had the same beliefs as Josh, but did not stand up for them. There may have been other Christians in Josh’s classroom, but their actions did not show it. They must have thought that their belief was enough, but faith is not about what one believes, it is about what one does because of their faith. Josh quoted C.S. Lewis in saying, “Only a real risk can test the reality of a belief” (qtd. In God’s). Josh took that risk and put faith in his “jury” that they would carry on his beliefs, possibly to others, but maybe also internalize it as well. Josh may give the people in his class “the only meaningful exposure to God and Jesus they 'll ever have” (qtd. In God’s). The passing on of beliefs is much easier if the individuals adopt the beliefs as their own. For example, Martin says at the end of the movie that he has decided to follow Jesus and become a Christian because of the arguments that Josh presented. It will be easier for Josh’s beliefs to be passed to Martin’s dad now that Martin is a believer. Josh’s faith in others now allows his beliefs to be passed to people that he would have never even

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