Judas Iscariot: A Dynamic Character

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Judas Iscariot was one of the original disciples of Jesus Christ. He is most well-known for deceiving Jesus and then betraying him over thirty silver coins. Judas Iscariot followed and studied under Jesus Christ for three years, only to betray them in the end. This simple act of betrayal cost Jesus his life. Judas Iscariot is one of the most notably dynamic characters of the Bible. Likewise, John Proctor of The Crucible is an extremely dynamic character. He transforms from weak and untruthful to strong and truthful, proving why he is so dynamic. As the play opens, Proctor is a very untruthful man. This is demonstrated even during Act one when Proctor lies and tries to make others around him lie. While speaking about his elusive affair Proctor states,“We never touched” when speaking Abigail about the affair. Untruthful, in a bigger sense, can also be applied to John Proctor as he commits the sin of adultery. This makes him unfaithful as well as untruthful as he is supposed to follow the Ten Commandments. In his religious life it is expected that the commandments be followed, yet Proctor is also untruthful to that when he breaks the seventh one. Being untruthful is simpler in most instances so John Proctor continues this pattern up until act three. Besides the untruthfulness, Proctor also …show more content…

He now begins to stand up not only for himself, but for those around him, and does what he knows is right. Originally Proctor would not stand up to the powerful figures such as Abigail and the court. Yet in the final acts of the play Proctor promises to Elizabeth that he will,“fall like an ocean on that court”. Now he will stop at nothing to do the right thing at the end, while in the beginning he avoided doing what was right at all costs. In the concluding two acts of the play John Proctor’s new found strength does not waver even under the constant pressure of the court as it once would

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