Judgment In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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Each year grade eleven students at Monsignor Doyle read Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein even though there is a multitude of other classical books that could be read. [Pause] Many students and even some parents feel like Frankenstein shouldn’t be read because it’s boring and the grammar is difficult to understand. However, students should continue to read Frankenstein because there is a strong emphasis on being misunderstood and judging someone before you get to know them. This is something that many teens do to other steens and this book allows them to see how the outcome of that judgment affects that person. It goes without saying that the monster is a monster because from the outside he looks different and scary. But what’s on the inside? …show more content…

Frankenstein creates the monster he neglects him. The monster has no idea of what is right and wrong so can we really be surprised that he killed someone? Although killing someone can hardly be vindicated it can be explained. The monster was rejected by everyone he met leaving him [moved right hand from left to right to show how monster’s pushed away] completely alone and isolated. [Point towards audience] Now how would that make you feel? How would you feel if people ran in fear when they saw you? How would you feel if you had no one to talk to and you yourself could barely speak english? How would you feel if your mother neglected you? Because [say louder] that is how the monster felt. No one knew what he was like because they never talked to him. All he wants is affection. He mentioned this to Dr. Frankenstein, “What I ask of you is reasonable and moderate; I demand a creature of another sex...it shall content me...My creator, [say slower] make me happy.”(Shelley, 135) The monster needs a female companion to give him the love that no one else will. Now I ask you, [shrug while saying]does that sound like a cold blooded killer? The monster wasn’t a bad creature but the tremendous hate he received from other people caused him to be. He had just had enough and decided to kill. Compared to this century it is very similar to how teens react to being bullied and misunderstood by their peers. Some go to extremes and think that suicide is the only way out and that’s

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