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Julius Caesar Back Round On JC Born roughly around July 12 or 13th 100 BC in Rome and died March 15th 44 BC Politically adept/ Popular Leader of the Roman Republic Transformed Roman Empire by expanding its geographical reach and establishing an imperial system. Caesar joined the military to escape having to divorce his first wife Cornelia who's father was a political rival of the current dictator Sulla. JC returned to Rome after friends eventually convinced Sulla to allow him to return and after Sulla's passing began Caesar's in depth dive into Roman politics and prosecuting. Even after all Caesar did for his country a year after he returned to Rome and was claimed as dictator then hailed as Father of his Country he was savagely assassinated. …show more content…

1950s Ascended Israel's military ladder while attending college becoming Chief of Staff. Later that year Rabin retired from the military to become Ambassador to the US. In December 1973 Rabin became involved in his countries domestic politics and starting working with the countries Labor Party where he was appointed as the minister of labor. Things changed when Prime Minister Meir resigned after only a month forcing Rabin to form a new government and become Prime Minister of the entire country in June of 1974. Three years later Rabin was forced to resign from prime minister due to his wife and himself having a U.S bank account which violated his country's currency statutes. Rabin returned to his political leadership roles in the 1980's as minister of defense and worked with the current Prime Minister Shimon Peres. Then in 1992 Rabin succeeded in regaining his position of Prime Minister after gaining leadership of the Labor party which won the 1992 elections. The following year Rabin set up negotiation talks with the Israel-PLO with accords to the Palestinian Liberation Organization leader Yasser Arafat to sanction Israel's withdrawal from occupied territories and end any conflicts between the two

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