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1. What is the purpose of Just War? Explain. The purpose of Just War is to regulate the armed forces in a way which is fair, reasonable, and mindful of the consequences. In theory, Just War provides moral guidelines to combatants when governments force political decisions on other governments through war. Senior Military leaders and their staff develop Rules of Engagement (ROE) as directives for identifying and engaging the enemy. Otherwise known as ‘Jus in Bello,’ these rules not only prevent escalations of force derived from excessive collateral damage, but simultaneously provide individual warriors a base line to adhere their moral and psychological framework to in order to clarify moral reasoning to justify their actions during …show more content…

Do you agree or disagree with conventional ethical relativism that there are no objective moral principles, but that all valid moral principles are justified by virtue of their cultural acceptance? Explain your answer and why you agree or disagree.

I agree with conventional ethical relativism that there are no objective moral principles other than justified by the virtue of cultural acceptance. In regard to the dependency thesis as it relates to conventional ethical relativism, right or wrong acts of individuals depend on the nature of the society that molds them. Until recently cultures have developed independently with their own history, beliefs, and subcultures intrinsic of their specific moral principles. Once individuals and or groups are taken out of their cultural norm and placed into another significant difference between the two would generate disparages and miss interpretations of intrinsic values of each culture. As interactions between the two cultures occurs disagreements would emerge during an exchange of services and perceived normal day to day activities as each culture has produced different valid moral principles. In order to strive, the subculture that has been placed into an unfamiliar environment would have to accept and obey the majority’s laws and policies. Individuals in the minority would be in a dilemma between deciding what cultural laws and traditions to follow to be …show more content…

Here are a few examples of where trust between the civilian and the military broke down. The issue of sexual assault in today’s Army has gained an increase awareness across America. So much that Congress threatened to take direct action outside of the UCMJ and the hands of Commands and try accused perpetrators in civilian courts. The profession of the Army was monetarily weakened by this lack of trust by Congress and our nation as a whole. Other examples are the Abu Ghraib prison incident in Baghdad and Marines urinating on the corpses of Taliban fighters in Afghanistan. Ultimately both of these incidents derived from failure of moral leadership and portrayed to our Nation that additional moral oversight may be

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