Justice In Robert Cormier's The Rag Snd Bone Shop

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Justice is a behavior or treatment, the quality of being fair and responsible, the administration of the law or authority and maintain this. Greed is the intese and selfish desire for something, especially wealth or power. In the novel The Rag snd Bone Shop Robert Cormier shows an act of greed while seeking an unfair justice. Trent a well known interrogator plays mind games with 12-year old Jason Dorrant searching for a confession to the murder of a 7-year old girl, Alicia Barlett. In the novel The Rag and Bone Shop, Robert Cormier characterizes Trent as a greedy man who stands for justice. Int his novel Trent is a fomous police interrogation officer working in Vermont. Trent is worshipped as the best interrogator in the country and is known for his 100 percent confession rate on all his worked cases. Decvtive Braxton needs help with the murder case of Alicia Bartlett. “ That’s the hitch. No phycial evidence. No witneses. No weapon. No fingerprints. That’s why we’re calling you. We have a suspect that fits the profile but we need a confession.”( ) Trent is the kind of interrogator who can obtain confessions from any one. Sarah Downs said, “youre in the bussinuss of obtaining confessions, that’s …show more content…

Jason Dorrant is there under the curcumsances that he is helping the case, his mother thinks this as well. “ You made him confess. They have the killer in custody, she said “I was coming to tell you that the girls brother. His alibi with his friend broke down. One for them implicated him, then the other. He confessed” ( ) This was a very important part of the story because it is when Jason got blamed for the murder, when trent walkedout the room holding the tape of Jasons confession in his hand; as Sarah tells Trent that Alicias brother is the real murderer. After that moment trent went through a tremendous change in his life. He was degraded not literally but he wont be hearing calls anytime

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