Was OJ Simpson Responsible For The Murder?

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I believe that OJ Simpson is not responsible for the deaths of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend, Ronald Goldman, and instead his son, Jason Simpson, was the culprit. While I do not believe OJ to be the perpetrator, I have hypothesized that he was still at the scene of the crime, however, he was not present until after the acts were committed. If there is any conceivable explanation for OJ’s abnormal behavior after the murders, other than that he killed the two victims, it is that he knew that his son had killed Nicole Brown Simpson and wanted to protect him.
Jason, who was 24 at the time of the murders, most likely committed the acts in a rage killing. Prior to the killings, Jason was diagnosed with IED - Intermittent Explosive Disorder - a syndrome characterized by extreme outbursts of anger and rage over, often, trivial matters. In attempt to control his rage and seizures, he was prescribed the drug Depakote. However, in January of 1994, six months …show more content…

A knife that matched the description of the murder weapon was also found. After examining the knife, forensics scientist claimed that the butt of the knife appeared to match the injury Nicole suffered on the top of her head. OJ’s Swiss Army knife and stiletto, which some hypothesized to have been the murder weapon, were conclusively ruled out as the murder weapon.
Evidence that furthered OJ’s guilt were witnesses claiming to have seen him the night of the murder. Local resident, Jill Shively, nearly collided with OJ’s speeding bronco when it ran a red light close to the murder scene just minutes after the attacks were thought to have occurred. Furthermore, Nicole’s neighbour, Robert Heidstra, also testified seeing a white vehicle similar to Simpson’s Bronco rapidly leaving the murder scene. These witness statements, however, are not evidence that he killed Brown and Goldman, only that he may have been present at the crime

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