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O.J. Simpson is an ex NFL football player who was put on trial for the murders of his wife Nicole Brown and her boyfriend Ronald Goldman. This trial is one of the most controversial trials ever. It got much attention from everyone who watched it. I think O.J. should have been proven guilty. There are many things that were said and done to show that he was guilty. The O.J. Simpson trial took place in 1994 - 1995. Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman were found lying in a pool of blood at Nicole’s house. The trial lasted eleven months. The final verdict was announced on October 3, 1995. There were different stories and many rumors of different allegations, but even though he was found guilty, only he and GOD know if he really did it. Where there is blood, there is DNA. Just a single blood drop could be a difference. That was the case when a…show more content…
According to the prosecutor in this case, he recommended that Simpson spend 30 days in jail and complete a year-long program for men who batter their wives. Neither of these things happened and Simpson entered counseling with a psychiatrist of his choice. Although specific dates pertaining to 911 calls prior to the Jan. 1 incident are not available, Brown Simpson's journals, photos, and statements to friends can help piece together additional allegations of abuse.” (Flynn.2016) O.J. Simpson had many problems, and even though he denied it, beating his wife was one of them. As we all know, O.J. Simpson was acquitted. The court had ten out of twelve jurors find Simpson not guilty. One reason he was acquitted, was because the glove found at the scene did not fit. It simply would not go on Simpson’s hand. There were also conclusions that the domestic abuse of Nicole Brown by Simpson were a waste of time. The jury felt like they were there for a murder case, not a domestic dispute

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