Justin Dart's Argument Against Injustice

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Injustice can be seen internationally throughout history, but is usually only recognized when the injustice has been stopped. Injustice is a lack of fairness or justice. Injustice can be seen in slavery, the lack of education for girls in the Middle East, and discriminating and paternalistic views and actions in regards to the disabled. People generally respond to injustice by agreeing with the crows. Only rarely do people speak out against injustice. Speaking out against injustice is important because if the injustice is not stopped, then the injustice will continue to condemn its victims forever. The poem “Protest” by Ella Wheeler Wilcox precisely conveys injustice, in the form of child and female labor, to the reader. In this poem, Wilcox …show more content…

Through all this work, Justin Dart came to the conclusion that the judgement towards disabled people created a toxic relationship disabled and abled individuals and decided to end this. In his explanation for why the ADA was so significant for the disabled, Justin said “It will proclaim to America and to the world that people with disabilities are fully human; that paternalistic, discriminatory, segregationist attitudes are no longer acceptable; and that henceforth people with disabilities must be accorded the same personal respect and the same social and economic opportunities as other people.” (Paragraph 7) The fact that at one point disabled individuals were treated with disrespect, really shows through this quote and emphasizes that this was a great injustice that needed to be ended. The injustice that occurred was that people with disabilities in America were treated poorly and did not have equal rights. It was important that Dart spoke out against the injustice that the disabled were faced with because these are humans with feelings and should not be disregarded or

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