Juvenile Probation

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Probation is known as a front-door program that helps participants avoid going to jail or prison; it also serves as a second chance for offenders to get their lives back together. I was wondering, though—does probation really work for youth? Do those who undergo probation receive rehabilitation so they won’t commit future crimes? Also, what is it like to have someone who is a youth in the criminal justice system? What services do they receive?
I believe that probation officers are the best chance for youths to be rehabilitated. Not only are probation officers there to make sure the youth follows court orders and attends any assigned programs, but I believed probation officers also serve as a social agent in the life of the juvenile to help
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Although the officers recognized that some of the crimes committed by their clients were very serious, they also noted that the vast majority of their clients had been exposed to extremely difficult circumstances. (Umamaheswar )
I agree with the author that probation officers must not judge their clients, no matter what they have done. I believe that probation does work on youth when they feel that they have an advocate on their
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Another study, conducted in austional, where the juvenile conviction rate was very high, demonstrated how supervision skills work within youth probation programs. The view that this research proposed is the “Good Lives Model” (Ward, 2010); This model focuses on client strengths, on enhancing their opportunities to achieve the goals of a good life (such as employment and social relationships), and on developing holistic plans for change. This model is critical of the focus that the RNR model has on risk factors, and instead it emphasizes the importance of therapeutic alliance and of enhancing opportunities for offenders to achieve the goals associated with a good life (Trotter& Evans, 2009). By focusing on their goals and strengths and how they act in social settings, the Good Lives Model allows officers to help their clients have better chances of preventing recidivism. For these reasons, I believe this is a great
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