Karachi Is A Mega City

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Karachi is the biggest mega city of Pakistan and hosts more than 18 million people. It is the capital of Sindh, and also the hub of the country’s commercial activity. Most of the businesses that operate in the country have their head offices in Karachi, as well as various factories, manufacturing plants, and a wide range of retail and service sectors. It also hosts the country’s main port and hence is the capital of trade as well. It’s fast pace of technological and infrastructural development, along with the various educational and economic opportunities, the city has attracted a huge amount of migrants from other cities and rural areas. As such, it is of paramount importance to understand the situation of the city. If it does not function to its potential, it not only creates nuisance for the local citizens, but it becomes troublesome for the entire country and can have drastic effect on a national level. Karachi is the fastest growing mega city in the world. Its population has increased by more than 100 percent from 11 million (the 1998 census figure) to 22 million when the last house count was conducted. As such, Karachi contains 10 percent of the population of Pakistan and 22 percent of its urban population. In addition to population, there are other reasons for Karachi’s importance. It contains 32 percent of the country’s industrial base, generates 15 percent of GDP, 25 percent of federal revenues and 62 percent of income tax. It contains powerful federal

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