Pros And Cons Of Rural Urbanization

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One of the biggest problem in the world today is coping with the rising urbanization brought about by the economic liberalization. Although it has brought economic reforms and development but it has played a devil in the dark creating some dire and dirty consequences as well. The rising urbanization has seen exodus of people from rural to urban areas in search of better jobs, wages, higher standard of living and other facilities like scope for good education, health, transport and housing facilities. Now it has got its own pros and cons. Some advantages can be a better social integration, opening up new markets, whereas adversities are many, ranging from creating congestion to higher urban unemployment problems. In many cities, overcrowded lanes, increasing pollution, generalized security concerns and a rising cost of living are negatively influencing the everyday experience of its citizens. The most vivid consequence is creation of more and more slums with poor living conditions which have grown exponentially in the last two decades. According to the 2011 census, roughly 1.37 crore households in India live in slums with no proper provision for housing, water, electricity and healthcare. On the flip side can a turnaround be expected in the near future? The world would be a dull place if everyone agreed on the same thing and if everyone thought the same that nothing would ever change. For many years it has been the default assumption

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