Karl Marx's Views Of Capitalism: The Feminist Theory Of Marxism

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INTRODUCTION This essay will discuss the concept of one of the greatest economists, a philosopher, a journalist, a historian, also known and believed to be one of the founding fathers of sociology. Karl Marx, made a contribution to sociology in the 19th century. He developed a sociological theory that stated that human societies progress through a struggle between two distinct classes, namely; the bourgeoise and proletariat. It claims that society is in conflict between the rich who own and control everything, and the poor who must work for the rich and be rewarded very little for their hard work. The theory is known as the conflict theory or the Marxist theory or Marxism, which is more concerned about the class struggle within the society, and how capitalism is not healthy for any society. Therefore, within the context of this essay, a close analysis on Karl Marx’s concept of capitalism will be conducted, specifically in relation to two of the main social problems. The main focus will be on how capitalism have an impact on the persistence of inequality and poverty within different societies, whether in a positive or negative manner. Bearing that in mind, most aspects of Marx’s concept of capitalism will be weighed in regards to the impact of the concept on the two issues, namely; inequality and poverty. A thorough analysis and evaluation will be carried out throughout this essay. The concept will be compared and contrasted with other sociological theories, in order to

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