Katie's Pov Monologue

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Katie 's Pov One of the things Dally hated is that I didn 't know how to fight. He offered to teach me but I always declined, well now I am starting to regret that. Michael had a solid grip on me. My tugging and pulling on my arm to get away was useless he was a very tall guy strong and sturdy. His long hair tickled my face as he leaned in and I leaned back. "Hey man let go of the girl." Johnny said. His knife was drawn. All Michael did was smiled and shake his head. "I will see you later babe." Michael walked off. I ran towards johnny and hugged him Johnny stumbled .back and I laughed. Johnny was a nervous person but now he seemed happy.. Johnny 's Pov When I saw that prick messing with Katie I got mad... At Pony he was suppose to protect her, but her she was getting man handled by some white trash. I pulled out my switchblade and opened it walking faster and faster. As soon as that man left Katie …show more content…

I told her I would walk her home, and I did but after that I ran back to the Curtis 's houses. I opened the door and said "Why did y 'all do that to Katie?" didn 't know where my confidences came from but I liked it, liked the feeling of not being someone 's underdog. "Did you here what happened Johnny? She was on a date with Pony and started chatting to her ex and then said Pony was her cousin." Darry declared. "No, Pony said everybody was going so she thought we were all going to hang out, and about her ex he beat up other guys that talked to Katie and she didn 't want that to happen to Pony, and as a matter of fact, while you guys were in here she was out there being man handled by that ex ape boy friend." "Pony is that true did you tell her the whole gang was going." Darry asked I could tell he was getting frustrated Darry didn 't like being lied to. "Well you see ah." Ponyboy said looking at his fingers. If Darry was frustrated a minute ago he was beyond angry now. "Gosh Pony you had us thinking she was the bad guy here, tomorrow you are going to

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