Casey Monologue

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I was an accident. I was born eight years after my sisters, Casey and Becky. Becky, twenty-eight, and the oldest, took care of me; I became her real life baby doll. And Casey, twenty-six, well, she ignored me. And still does. My sister, Casey has resented me since the day I was born, that much I do know, and is no surprise to anyone in our outside the Jones’ Family. I suppose that’s what they call “middle child syndrome”. Resentment, bitter, jealousy, hostile. Those does not quite represent how Casey feels towards me. Hatred is too far; Casey loathes me. I hadn’t even done anything, I had been alive in the world for ten minutes, long enough to have a family photo where, inevitably, Casey is looking at me in our mothers arms, and her eyes, like lasers; shooting me with a look of disgust and envy, and what looks like a slight hint of spite. Growing up, we had a good life. As children, we always got what we asked for. We wanted …show more content…

She was upset that I was hurt. And for a brief moment, I saw a flicker of love and compassion shine out of her. It was rare, and seldom seen again. That look was beautiful, and wonderful. I was so glad that accident happened, so I could finally see that she cared. And yes, it was painful and I had to get stitches, but what was most painful of all, was the look of sheer disappointment on Casey’s face after I came home from the hospital. I wasn’t quite sure if she was mad that I ruined her party, so the only thing I thought to do was wallow in self pity and grovel. After that, she ignored my existence in the house for a solid three months. I tried my hardest to apologize, but she would not accept or even acknowledge it. Casey was clearly one to hold a grudge, even to a five year old. And I spent months trying to make up for it, even giving her my birthday money and presents. Nothing seemed to work. Eventually I gave up and I let it go. I wonder if she ever

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