Ponyboy's Experience With Cherry In The Outsiders

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Ponyboy's experiences with Cherry in "The Outsiders" are important in shaping his character. Despite the fact that they belong to distinct social groups, their conversations about the sunset serve as a boost for Ponyboy's development. Ponyboy expresses his enthusiasm for the beauty of the sunset during one of their encounters, saying, "I used to watch it all the time, before...I used to watch it with Soda, or Darry. But it's nice watch it with somebody. It's a kind of...beautiful" (p.42). Ponyboy's enjoyment for the simple yet profound experiences in life is reflected in this phrase, as is his vulnerability in opening up to Cherry. Furthermore, while Ponyboy and Cherry talk about their shared love of sunsets, Ponyboy says, "Maybe the two worlds …show more content…

Ponyboy initially hates Darry's strictness and believes he is being treated unfairly. However, as the novel unfolds, their connection changes, resulting in Ponyboy's maturation and a better appreciation of the sacrifices Darry makes for his family. Ponyboy remembers on his changed perspective during an emotional talk with Darry, stating, "He didn't yell anymore. And I began to get used to the idea that he wasn't ever going to" (p, 88). Ponyboy realizes in this quotation that Darry's serious exterior comes from his significant worry and affection for his younger sibling. It is a turning point in their relationship, as Ponyboy begins to regard Darry as more than just an authority figure, but also as a carer and protector. Ponyboy's reflection, "I had never thought about it before, but Darry had been a good parent" (p, 88), is another emotional phrase that highlights Ponyboy's development with Darry. Ponyboy's understanding of the challenges and responsibilities Darry faces in his role as a parent is highlighted by this realization. It represents his new respect for Darry's efforts and love. Ponyboy learns the value of familial support and the depth of Darry's dedication to their

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