Kidney Stone Research Paper

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Though there are other steps too along with our medication Kid Clear. It would be the best selection to be an overall healthy living being by making your organs properly functioning. This can only be achieved if you shift your living habits to something better. Kidney stone preventions: 1. Avoid sitting idle: Studies show that we are more prone to kidney stones if we simply sit or being restful for a long period of time because limitations in the activity cause our bones to release more calcium. 2. High blood pressure increases the chances of being caught in forming stones in kidney. So, if you are the patient of high blood pressure, avoid eating salts, especially high processed salts found in canned and processed food. Salts tend to increase …show more content…

Limit the use of coffee because caffeine is linked to kidney stones due to elevated urine calcium. 7. Avoid calcium supplements, not calcium rich foods: People who take diets rich in calcium have lower risk of stones in kidney by one third than those who limit their calcium diets. This is because high dietary calcium blocks a type of chemical reaction that causes the stone formation. People taking calcium supplements are more at risk of forming stones in kidney by 20%. 8. Limit your sodium intake: Sodium from salt excretes more calcium into the urine. High amount of calcium in the urine combine with oxalate and phosphorus in order to form stones. Reducing sodium intake is preferred to reducing calcium intake. 9. Make a habit of doing plenty of exercise in order to keep your body 's fluids moving. 10. Stay well hydrated: This is a good habit in order to avoid stones in kidney for those who have had them previously and want to take preventive measures to remove kidney stones. People living in hot weather and who perform physical work more than average need more fluid intake so as to rehydrate themselves. Citrus intake like orange or lemon juice protect against kidney stones as they contain citrate that stops crystals growing into

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