Killer's Psychotic Behavior: The Zodiac Killer

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The Zodiac killings are both interesting and mysterious because of the killer’s psychotic behavior. Theories still abound around the unsolved mysteries today, and the vital investigation that took place during this time. “The Zodiac Killer’s first victim, an 18-year-old College student, was stabbed to death in Riverside, California in 1966. Soon after the murder, a local newspaper received a letter, that proved details of the crime and declared that the victim was neither the first or the last. In 1968, a teenage couple was shot to death in their car. One year later, another couple was attacked in similar circumstances, though the male survived(Zodiac).” The very last victim was a taxi driver. After attack in 1968, the killer called the police to tell them about the crime and took full responsibility. “Later that …show more content…

At least 5 other murders have been tentatively linked the Zodiac killer(Zodiac).” “The 1963 shooting of Robert Domingo’s and Linda Edwards near Santa Barbara, California. The 1966 stabbing, death of College student Cheri Jo Bates in Riverside, California(Zodiac)”. One suspect was Ross Sullivan who disappeared several days after the murder(Beck). “Sported a crew cut and glasses like the composite sketch of the Zodiac. Zodiac buffs also note that his letters mention “The Mikado” by Gilbert and Sullivan, and which could be a reference to Sullivan’s name(Beck)”. Donald Lee Bujok was a suspect and was in prison for 11 years for killing a Deputy(Beck). “Talked about killing people. Speculated the Zodiac’s signature crossed-circle symbol was inspired by the helicopter landing pad at Fort Ord, California(Beck).” Jack Terrance was a suspect and wore costumes like the Zodiac wore when he killed people(Beck). “His handwriting matched the Zodiac’s, kept a stash of evidence, and roll of film depicting possible victims(Beck).” Richard Marshall another suspect “he lived in Riverside in 1966 and later in San Francisco near where Stine was murdered and lived in a

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