Heriberto Sed The Zodiac Killer

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The Zodiac Killer was one of the most elusive copycat killers in the history of the United States. The Zodiac was eventually figured out to be Heriberto Seda after he tried to kill his half-sister and had a shoot off with multiple police officers (Fried, Joseph). The Zodiac Killer was one of the biggest fears of citizens of the United States during the 60’s, because of both his ability to evade the police and also generate media attraction through sending letters and calling the police to give them hints, and locations, of his murders. The Zodiac Killer, Heriberto Seda, had an interesting childhood, to say the least. He was described as a religious gun fanatic and antisocial (Fried). According to James Mckinley in his article “In the Zodiac Case, Still More Riddles Than Clues,” he lived with his mother in an apartment building, and like her, severely hated drug dealers. Whenever he knew the …show more content…

Seda was linked to the Zodiac shootings after a detective recognized similarities between his signed confession to the shootings of his half-sister and the notes signed by the Zodiac Killer (Toy). He was accused of killing three people and wounding another in Queens. He has also been charged with shooting three people in Brooklyn and one in Manhattan (Toy). The Zodiac Killer is still one of America’s most popular serial killers, both because of his elusiveness and his ability to generate media attraction. Heriberto Seda was connected to the Zodiac Killer after the police noticed similarities between his signature and that of the Zodiac Killer. He tried killing multiple people, who all had a different zodiac sign. Further background checks showed that he was a recluse with an obsession for guns and religion. Heriberto Seda, also known as the Zodiac Killer, was one of America’s hardest serial killers to

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