Kiss Of Judas Essay

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1. The title of work of art I choose is titled the “Kiss of Judas” and its location is in the Scrovegni Chapel of Padua, Italy. The size is 185 cm by 200 cm and is dated 1304-1306. The medium used is fresco. 2. Please describe EVERYTHING you see in the work of art IN DEPTH AND IN DETAIL. If there are people in the work of art, please count them. You should also look up on the Internet the identification of the most important people in the painting.

The Kiss of Judas is a scene depicting the arrest of Jesus. This painting portrays Jesus, Peter, Judas, and the Roman soldiers accompanying Judas. The top of this painting is dark and gloomy while the middle to bottom is bright and focused. The number of people present in the Kiss of Judas are around 20 with an actual headcount while the vague and dark impression of a crowd in the background suggests much more. The general mood of the Kiss of Judas is chaotic with the center of Jesus and Judas appearing calm while the figures surrounding them appear agitated and very hostile. Among the sky, it is white, blue, and black with blue having the most presence with some black. The white is used towards the beginning of
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The Kiss of Judas uses the visual elements of color, tonality, and line. Color is a major component of the Kiss of Judas because it establishes the painting’s atmosphere and mood.The colors collide against each with many of the figures having distinguishing presence and effect on the general scene. The line used the Kiss of Judas permits the painting’s many figures to better emote and detail the attire which they are wearing. These lines also are applied to the torches and sticks to emphasize the conflict and aggression present in this scene. Lastly, is the tonality which supplemented by line and color, where the scene reeks with instability the center remains still and steady. The Kiss of Judas’s tonality is amiss yet
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