Kite Runner Pashtunwali Quotes Analysis

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In this essay I will be reflecting on the seminar that our class had about the Pashtunwali and its influence in the characters of ‘The Kite Runner’. First of all Pashtunwali is an ethical code that Pashtuns follow. In the book it talks about two main groups of people; the Pashtun live by an unwritten code that that is flexible and changes over time. The core belief of Pashtunwali is: self respect, independence, justice, hospitality, love and forgiveness. (although this doesn't seem to apply towards hazaras.) During the story Rahim Khan stated to Amir that “There is a way to be good again.” This quote refers to an event that happened elear in Amir’s life when he let his close acquaintance Hassan get raped for his own selfish gain. After not being able to deal with the guilt he then blamed Hassan for stealing and forced him and his father to leave out of shame. The one of the teachings of Pashtunwali is …show more content…

This ties in to the fact that if Amir had helped Hassan there would be a high probability of both of them getting hurt. The second point that ties in is that Hassan is a Hassar not a Pashtun and is therefore not regarded with the same level of respect and honor as a fellow Pashtun would. Another point that was brought up in the discussion is the question of Amirs religious alignment At his school he was taught as a Sunni Muslim; at home his father and seventh practices the culture of a Shi'a Muslim; and his father holds the opinions of an atheist. We reflected that Amir was most likely religiously confused and not holding any moral bearing due to his lack of a steadfast religious alignment. This could be one of the reasons that he might act in his childhood with such moral

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