Political Issues In The Kite Runner

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Since Amir left, Afghanistan has becomed unrecognizable, and it is not the same place as it was before he went to America. Farid’s comment condemns Amir and the fact that he has been living a life of privilege in America while the Afghanis have struggled to survive due to wars, violence and political issues. 2. Amir and Hassan’s friendship is full of complications. Fist, Amir envies Hassan because Baba often favors him and, therefore, Amir feels underapreciated by his father. Also, Amir is afraid to be Hassan’s true friend because it would expose him to the discrimination that the Hazaras face. Second, Amir feels unworthy of Hassan because Hassan sceified himself so that Amir could have the kite and be seen as a winner in his fathers eyes. So, Amir …show more content…

Hassan is one of the most controversial characters in the book The Kite Runner written by Khaled Hosseini. Briefly, he is the best friend of the main protagonist, Amir, and later in the book we discover that he is also his half-brother. Hassan and his supposed father work as servant to Baba, Amir's father and Hassan’s unknown father. While Hassan and Ali are poor, Baba is one of the most successful merchants in Kabul. Early in the book, we realize how Amir's and Hassan's friendship goes beyond social and economic differences. Hassan is always defending Amir and proves himself a loyal friend to Amir repeatedly, defending Amir when he is attacked and always being ready to listen to him. He shows his bravery, selflessness and intelligence throughout the whole novel even though he is uneducated. That’s primarily because he has very accurate instincts and a giant and passionate heart. However, he is touched by his reality: he is from a poor ethnic group, called the Hazaras, considered an inferior ethnicity in Afghan society. As a result, he suffers racism. This racism could have been prevented if he knew that he is Baba’s illegitimate child and therefore is a Pashtun, a legitimate ethnic group in the Afghan

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